Convert VSS to Git

I just converted my old Visual Source Safe (VSS) projects to Git repositories on my Gitolite server in minutes! I was impressed with how quick and easy the process was.

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Speech-to-text: Crib Sheets

More issues of speech-to-text failing. This time it does reasonably well with sheets, but crib seems to escape it’s vocabulary. The left aligned text is what was said, the block quotes are what was transcribed.

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Speech to text is a wonderful feature of today’s cellphones, especially when driving. But, sometimes they just don’t have the vocabulary. Here is a simple message gone bad. It consists of “What I said” and “What the smart-phone heard”.

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Setting a WordPress site to maintenance mode

There may be times when you are updating an existing WordPress site or theme, or setting up a new one when you don’t want visitors to see errors or ugly content in flux. Maintenance Mode is a simple plugin to take care of this.

It adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.

Visitors will see a message like “Maintenance Mode – SITE is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back in 60 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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Monetize your WordPress site with Amazon affiliate links

If you are looking to monetize your WordPress website using Amazon Affiliate Program you are in luck. There are tons of WordPress plugins available to to this task. They vary depending on the type of site you have and how you intend to make use of the affiliate program. However, the average blogger or regular “website” can benefit from just a single plugin. Read more »