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Merging and resolving conflicts with git

I frequently get asked how to resolve conflicts in git. It’s not obvious how to do it, but it is surprisingly easy to do.

WordPress File Structure, FTP & MySQL

This is a must see for any WordPress developer. A good description of what each of the WordPress files is responsible for doing, in what order they get executed, etc. Just a good basic explanation of how WordPress works. Brad Parbs: WordPress File Structure, FTP & MySQL | Brad Parbs talks about the WordPress […]

Convert VSS to Git

I just converted my old Visual Source Safe (VSS) projects to Git repositories on my Gitolite server in minutes! I was impressed with how quick and easy the process was.

Make Notepad++ editor for AstroGrep

For anyone still using AstroGrep, a great GUI GREP Utility for Windows, here is how you set Notepad++ as the default editor. If you are still using AstroGrep you may be too lazy to look up the command line switches for Notepad++,  so here you are: copy and paste:

Best CSS3 Button Maker: Button X

Make great looking buttons for your website using HTML and CSS. No images necessary. With this tool you can choose color, font, site, corner roundness, etc. Once it looks the way you want it, click the button and it will generate the CSS for you to use.