Resize Virtual Hard Disk in VirtualBox

Ever run out of space on your Virtual Machine? Here’s how to fix that.

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Add Color to Ant Output

The following command on Linux will enable the AnsiColorLogger listener for default ant executions.
export ANT_ARGS='-logger'


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How to shrink Ubuntu 12.04 guest VirtualBox image

If you have done a lot of adding and removing of files on your Ubuntu 12.04 guest virtual machine, either by installing and uninstalling software or building and rebuilding source code or any other means you will eventually find that the dynamic virtual disk image size has increased and is much larger (on the host) than the actual data contained inside the guest operating system. You can reclaim this space by shrinking the VM image:

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Smart card ATR parsing

Here is a cool site which will parse a ISO 7816-3 Smart card ATR (Answer To Reset) for you. It makes use of the script which is available as part of pyscard OSS project.

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Publish BlackBerry OTA app on your own web server with .jad and .cod files

To publish a BlackBerry (legacy) OTA app via a web server you will need the .cod files and associated .jad file. I’ll leave it up to you to do your own research on how to generate these files – if you don’t already have them then what follows will not be of use to you yet.

Once you have the files you will need to place them on your web server where they are publicly available. You will want to point users to the .jad file, either by creating your own index page or giving them the direct URL. The BlackBerry should know what to do with a .jad file and begin the app installation when the browser encounters this file.

But that’s not all. You need to configure your MIME types!

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