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Table Hell vs. Div Hell

Today I revisited Smashing Magazine’s article, “Table Layouts vs. Div Layouts: From Hell to… Hell?“, and was reminded how insightful it is. For anyone in web developement it’s a good read on how and when to use div or table tags and how to use them properly with CSS for both content and presentation.


None of the preset options in HTML Tidy were doing it for me, so I took a few minutes to create my own. They either mangled the code too much, or not enough. So, here is what I ended up with: [EtdotTidy HTML] indent: auto indent-attributes:no indent-spaces: 2 wrap: 0 wrap-asp:no wrap-jste:no wrap-php:no show-warnings: yes […]

Sorting Algorithm Animations

I’m not sure why, but someone has put together animations comparing various sorting algorithms. Edutainment, anyone?

Unable to build vmhgfs module

I had trouble building the vmhgfs module (the one that allows shared folders between guest and host computers) when trying to install VMWare Tools in Ubuntu 7.10 running in VMware Workstation 6.0.2 build-59824 on Windows XP. I was getting the following error: Trying to find a suitable vmhgfs module for your running kernel. None of […]

Serial Debugging with WinDbg and VMWare

When debugging a Windows GINA, driver, or service it is sometimes necessary to debug a target computer from a second computer via the serial port. Using the same concept, you can debug a target VMWare computer from the host computer using a named pipe. For this example, I am using VMWare Workstation 5.5.3 build-34685 with […]