Convert VSS to Git

I just converted my old Visual Source Safe (VSS) projects to Git repositories on my Gitolite server in minutes! I was impressed with how quick and easy the process was.

Here is how I did it:

1) Backup your VSS directory and make a copy to work on. You don’t need to worry about the permissions and creating a function share, etc. Just grab a copy of the files.

2) Download and install vss2git.

3) Launch vss2git and enter the paths to your VSS files and the path where you want your new git repo. It’s best to make sure the git destination path is empty, or doesn’t exist at all (vss2git will create it). So, it should look something like this:

vss2git Windows GUI

Once you have the paths entered, click Go! After a minute or two (depending on the size of your VSS project and transaction history) you will have a git repo created with transaction history! At this point you have a working git repo – if you don’t need to upload it to a central server, then you can run with it.

4) If you do want to migrate it to a central server running gitolite, the next step is to edit the conf file in your gitolite-admin repo, adding a new line defining your new repo (or add to an existing line) and commit and push your changes.

5) Change your git remote to the newly created git repo (e.g. git@host:old_vss_stuff.git) and push the repo to remote.

git remote add origin git@host:old_vss_stuff.git
git push origin

It’s that easy!


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