Monetize your WordPress site with Amazon affiliate links

If you are looking to monetize your WordPress website using Amazon Affiliate Program you are in luck. There are tons of WordPress plugins available to to this task. They vary depending on the type of site you have and how you intend to make use of the affiliate program. However, the average blogger or regular “website” can benefit from just a single plugin.I recently monetized a client’s site using WordPress-Amazon-Associate plugin. It was simple. Install the plugin, enter the Affiliate ID, and it was off to the races. This plugin allows you to easily add links, carousels, link hover information, etc. to any post or page using the default WordPress editor. Just click the Amazon link on the toolbar select the type of display you want, then search for the product you want to promote. It’s that easy. For most people this really is the only Amazon plugin you will need.

It supports many different languages and locales, provides a handful of nice simple-to-use widgets, product linking, product previews, etc.

If you are looking for more specific plugins, i.e. you want to set up an Amazon store, check out this great review and comparison of additional plugins.

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2 Responses to “Monetize your WordPress site with Amazon affiliate links”

  1. amir says:

    hi, great plugin, but why only Amazon.
    you can use

    plugin that changes all you links in to affiliate links.

    • etdot says:

      Hi Amir, Amazon was my only target affiliate and the plugin I mention does provide more comprehensive functionality (more than just text links) but the plugin you mention is interesting and looks like it would make a good companion, as you say, automatically converting links throughout the site (even on pages which are not specifically promoting an amazon product. And even more useful if using more than one affiliate!
      I’ll have try it out.

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