Convert a WordPress post to a page (or a page to a post)

While updating a clients website recently I discovered that they had created a Guestbook where users could leave comments on the site. This is pretty simple using WordPress, all you need to do is create a page and enable comments on that page. However this client had create a post instead of a page.

For those not familiar with WordPress, a post is generally contains a small amount of content and shows up in the blogroll – where the most recent are displayed and the older ones eventually get buried. Pages on the other hand are what we typically think of a page on a website. They are fairly static, constant, and usually contain more content.

Normally in this situation I would have just deleted the post and created a page with the same content. However, there were already a string of comments. Deleting the post would delete all the comments too! I didn’t feel like rummaging through the database to try to re-link comments to a new page or to try to convert the post type to a page type.

Instead I found the WordPress plugin pTypeConverter. This allows you to easily any post to a page or vice versa. It is as easy as selecting the post, selecting the type you want to convert it to, and that’s it! All comments were in place.


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