13 pound gummy bear

This guy has no lifeThis guy has so much free time on his hands, we as able to melt down 13 lbs. of gummy bears, and layer them into an empty tub, creating one lethal gummy bear.


Who cares what it’s rated?

GTA: San AndreasFor those that haven’t heard the news, Rockstar has received a lot of heat for their new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game because a couple hackers developed the "Hot Coffee" patch which unlocks some adult (sex) scenes. This has now caused the ESRB to change the rating from Mature (M) to Adults Only (AO).

First, let me say that I wasn’t going to post anything about the GTA: San Andreas fiasco – it wasn’t that big a deal to me. But, when I read Maddox’s comments, I had to share them because he has such a way with words: "I want to shoot people in the face, bang prostitutes, traffic drugs, steal cars, and terrorize police officers without this filthy smut in my game."

The game is obviously not for children. I makes little difference if it is rated Mature for 17 years and older or Adults Only for 18 and older – one year! I also think it is asinine and unfair for the ESRB to change the rating. For whatever reason, Rockstar locked the content out of their game…. limiting it to a Mature rating. This is not the first time a game has had a 3rd party, unauthorized, unsupported patch modify the game-play (Duke Nukem Penthouse patch, Tombraider Nuderaider patch, The Sims Nude Patch, etc.). None of the other companies were held responsible for how people hacked their software – why should Rockstar?

Feel free to read Rockstar’s comments.

Zombie Dogs

Scientists have created zombie dogs. The dogs were brought back to life after being dead (no heart beat, no breathing, no brain activity) for hours. The process sounds pretty simple – drain their blood, replace it with a saline solution, and then freeze them. To bring them back, just replace their blood, give them oxygen, and an electric shock to jump-start them. Scientists hope to begin tests on people in a year.

Forms of Government

  • adhocracy – government in an unstructured fashion; an unstructured organization
  • anarchy – order without government
  • andrarchy/androcracy – government by men
  • anemocracy – government by the wind
  • aristocracy – government by the nobility
  • autarchy – government by an absolute ruler
  • autocracy – government by one individual
  • bureaucracy – government by civil servants
  • confederacy – a union of sovereign states
  • demarchy – government by the people by lot
  • democracy – government by the people
  • ethnocracy – government by a particular ethnic group
  • gerontocracy – government by the aged
  • gynarchy – government by women
  • gynocracy – government by women; gynarchy
  • heptarchy – government by seven people
  • hierarchy – government by a ranked body; government by priests
  • hierocracy – government by priests or religious ministers
  • kakistocracy – government by the worst
  • kleptocracy – government by thieves
  • matriarchy – government by women or mothers
  • meritocracy – government by those with merit
  • monarchy – government by one individual
  • ochlocracy – government by mobs
  • oligarchy – government by the few
  • panarchy – universal rule or dominion
  • particracy – government by political parties
  • patriarchy – government by men or fathers
  • plantocracy – government by plantation owners
  • plutocracy – government by the wealthy
  • polyarchy – government by many people
  • pornocracy – government by harlots
  • synarchy – joint sovereignty
  • technocracy – government by technical experts
  • tetrarchy – government by four people
  • thalassocracy – sovereignty of the seas
  • theocracy – government by priests or by religious law
  • timocracy – government by the propertied class
  • xerocracy – government by photocopying

This week in the news

I thought I’d post a few news articles I ran across this week:

Beware of Cats… they can alter your personality
In Britain, half the population is infected with mind-altering parasite that is carried by cats. "Infected men, suggests one new study, tend to become more aggressive, scruffy, antisocial and are less attractive. Women, on the other hand, appear to exhibit the “sex kitten” effect, becoming less trustworthy, more desirable, fun- loving and possibly more promiscuous."
Source: Times Online

Spray-On Mud
SUV owners without the time or balls to go mudding can now buy spray-on mud to show just how baddass they really are.
Source: Wired

Local Transplant Centers Offering Imperfect Organs
Is that waiting list for your new organ too long? Is that new organ too expensive? Well, now you can get a slightly damaged organ for half the price and in a fraction of the wait time.
Source: The Boston Channel

The Scream
Finally we may get to see "The Scream" in action. It is a gun that emits a sound at it’s enemies, causing them to blow chunks. I think this is something every parent needs.
Source: AP

The best part of waking up is being shot in the nut
Poor guy gets shot in the groin by stray bullet while he sleeps.
Source: KVOA Tuscon

Ads in Space
The FAA wants to keep an unnamed large US company from sending it’s moon-size ad into space for all to see.
Source: AZCentral