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Leave it to the Germans

Nicotine beer in the pipelineFrom correspondents in LondonOctober 03, 2005 From: AAP  A GERMAN company has come up with a novel way of beating bans on smoking in pubs – put the nicotine in the beer. A new beer, known as NicoShot, is undergoing testing in Germany with hopes it can be moved toward approval […]

Gas prices too high? No problem, use dead cats!

According to CNN, Christian Koch in Berlin is using dead cats as fuel. He claims to have gone 170,000 km (106,000 miles) in his regular diesel-powered carwithout problems. He uses his patented machine, the KDV 500 (more info in German here), to produce the fuel for 23 euro cents a liter (about $1.14 USD per gallon).

Rude Britain

ThisIsScunthorpe is pimping a book, Rude Britain, which contains the country’s most double entendre-riddled towns, villages and streets. The top 100 are: 100 Jeffries Passage, Surrey 99 Prince Albert Court, Surrey 98 Nork Rise, Surrey 97 Brown Willy, Cornwall 96 Great Tosson, Northumberland 95 Trump Street, London 94 St. Mellons, Cardiff 93 Percy Passage, London 92 Booty […]

Spam = Death

According to this article, Russia’s biggest spammer was found dead this morning. "He died after suffering repeated blows to the head." I guess someone got tired of the Loan and Penis pill e-mails they were receiving. The question is, did the punishment fit the crime?

Zombie Dogs

Scientists have created zombie dogs. The dogs were brought back to life after being dead (no heart beat, no breathing, no brain activity) for hours. The process sounds pretty simple – drain their blood, replace it with a saline solution, and then freeze them. To bring them back, just replace their blood, give them oxygen, […]