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Feds Rethinking RFID Passport

Finally the Feds are pulling their heads out of their asses and rethinking the notion of using RFID passports. Back in October the State Department thought it would be a good idea to store each persons Name, Address, Phone, SS#, etc. on an RFID tag stored in that persons passport. This information would not be […]

Liger cubs on display in Serbian zoo

Bred for their skills in magic, a couple of liger cubs are on display in a Serbian zoo. Zoo director would have us believe that although this mating is "practically impossible in the wild", this was not a scientific experiment – the lion and tiger just didn’t have anything better to do.

IQ Loss for email users more than double IQ loss for Potheads

First it was TV, then marijuana, now email is the thing sucking our brains. The Guardian reports that email, with it’s "addictive, drug-like grip" will drop 10 points from your IQ on average, more than twice the 4 point loss caused by cannibus. Read the article here. The Register also has a story on this here.

Pooping just got safer

India Railways has decided to go with "passengers-friendly amenities." What does that mean? "…shock absorbing coaches, which will be designed in such a way that the toilets at the end of the coaches will not pass on the impact of collision to the passengers." How have we survived this long without shock absorbing toilets? HOW?! Article […]

Pope John Paul II reincarnated as “Incredible Popeman”

It looks like the late Pope is now the star of a new comic book in which he "wields a faith staff with a cross on top and carries holy water and communion wine." Next to come: Popeman action figures.