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Time Warner loses Employee Data

The latest oops, we lost your important data that we should be protecting story goes to Time Warner. "Media and entertainment company Time Warner said Monday that computer backup tapes containing data on 600,000 individuals were lost by an outside data storage firm." What is with this trend of companies losing personal information on customers/employees? […]

Lifetime GPS tracking for sex offenders

Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed a law today that would make it mandatory for convicted sex offenders to be implanted with a GPS device once they are "freed" from jail. This would allow them to be tracked via satellite anywhere in the world for the rest of their life! Is this really necessary? What is this going to help? […]

Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004

It’s no surprise wiretaps jumped 19% last year when judges granted EVERY SINGLE REQUEST that authorities made. Of the 1710 wiretaps made, 1507 of them were portable devices (cell phone, pager, etc.). "We’re still seeing a huge trend toward increased surveillance," said Edgar. We’re seeing huge trends toward increased surveillance all over the place, aren’t […]

Feds Rethinking RFID Passport

Finally the Feds are pulling their heads out of their asses and rethinking the notion of using RFID passports. Back in October the State Department thought it would be a good idea to store each persons Name, Address, Phone, SS#, etc. on an RFID tag stored in that persons passport. This information would not be […]