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History Mystery: Lincoln vs. Kennedy

Is there a connection between Lincoln and Kennedy? Check the  The Lincoln/Kennedy mystery to find out.

Makeshift studio, piracy software found at Capitol

State investigators have stumbled onto a basement office in the West Virginia Capitol outfitted with computers, video and audio gear, and software used to pirate movies and music recordings, according to a document obtained by The Associated Press. “Specifically, one hard drive contained approximately 40 full-length motion videos,” state Chief Technology Officer Kyle Schafer said […]

Is your boss watching?

For those that think they have little privacy in their cube, consider this. According to an article at Cnet, 5% of US companies use GPS to monitor their employee’s cell phones. 8% use it to track their vehicles. 75% monitor websites visited. 36% track "content, keystrokes and time spent at the keyboard." 50% store/review employee […]

L.A. County jail tags inmates with RFID

L.A. County jail has decided to tag it’s inmates with RFID tags. This allows them to track and record each persons activities. For the moment, the RFID tags are contained in bracelets required to be worn by each inmate. I must admit this is much better than requiring chip implants like other place do. Guards […]

Circuit City Says There Should Be No Expectation Of Privacy

As if I needed another reason not to do business at Circuit City, I stumble across this article. The story goes like this:A woman takes her old computer into Circuit City when buying a new one and askes to have her files transfered to disk. The wonderful employees transfer her files to a floor model […]