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Unable to build vmhgfs module

I had trouble building the vmhgfs module (the one that allows shared folders between guest and host computers) when trying to install VMWare Tools in Ubuntu 7.10 running in VMware Workstation 6.0.2 build-59824 on Windows XP. I was getting the following error: Trying to find a suitable vmhgfs module for your running kernel. None of […]

Serial Debugging with WinDbg and VMWare

When debugging a Windows GINA, driver, or service it is sometimes necessary to debug a target computer from a second computer via the serial port. Using the same concept, you can debug a target VMWare computer from the host computer using a named pipe. For this example, I am using VMWare Workstation 5.5.3 build-34685 with […]

Forensic Imaging using Symantec Ghost

Selecting sector and MBR options in Symantec Ghost to not result in a true unaltered image of a hard disk. Instead there are some unadvertised command line switches which must be used: To copy the entire disk, including the entire boot track, all sectors, and unpartitioned space, and to prevent Ghost from filtering extraneous or […]

How to automatically start VMWare Tools in Ubuntu

To start VMWare tools from Ubuntu 7.10 (Gnome) do the following: Click System \ Preferences \ Sessions from the panel. In the Sessions window click the Add button. In the New Startup Program window enter the following in the Name field: VMWare Tools Enter the following in the Command field: /usr/bin/vmware-toolbox –minimize Click OK to […]

Add conditional break to debug GINA

When remote debugging a Widnows GINA it is handy to stuff in a debug break so that the debugger can be attached and symbols loaded. When you need to replace the GINA dll or view log files stored on the system you must boot to safe mode, remove the WinLogon registry entry, and reboot. With […]