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Remove your name and photo from LinkedIn Social Advertising Privacy Setting

If you are a user of LinkedIn and want to protect your privacy you may want to consider disabling their Social Advertising feature which gives them permission to use your name and photo in advertisements. Just do the following: 1) Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and click the Settings link. […]

‘War texting’ lets hackers unlock car doors via SMS – Computerworld

A classic case of manufacturers ignoring or oblivious to security concerns. ‘War texting’ lets hackers unlock car doors via SMS – Computerworld.

God Mode in Windows 7

Well, it’s hardly “God Mode”, but it is an easy way to access Windows 7’s entire set of control panel settings from a single window. And it reportedly works on Vista as well, although some people claim problems on the 64-bit version of Vista. Simply create a new folder and rename it to whatever you […]

Enable LDAP SSL with Active Directory in Windows 2003

In my search to Enable LDAP SSL with AD in Windows 2003, I found this which described out to configure Automatic Certificate Requests for Domain Controllers. This turned out to be a very easy way for Domain Controllers to automatically get certificates assigned and start using SSL for AD. First you set up a MS […]

Linux/Unix 101: Using “tar” And “gzip” To Create and Extract Files From Archives

The tar program is used to collect many files into one larger file usually for archival purposes. The gzip program is used to compress large files. Creating a compressed tar file: tar cvf archive.tar some_directory/ gzip -9 archive.tar The first command creates the file archive.tar which contains a copy of all files and subdirectories in […]