Furry Lobster

KiwaidaCNN reports that this ugly beast, named Kiwa hirsuta, was discovered over a mile deep in the ocean. Apparently it is so neat that they created a new family AND genus for it. But it prefers to go by Furry Lobster. While 66% of adult males are sure to be jealous of this creature’s sinuous, hair-like strands, they can take comfort in knowing that it is blind.

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One Response to “Furry Lobster”

  1. Uncle Mike says:

    I saw this one and I think it looks more like one of
    those giant African beetles from the science fair
    that someone morphed on their computer.
    I want to see video of it swimming…with the diver
    and other fish. None of this animatronic stuff either.
    Yea, the internet has created new trust issues.

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