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WordPress File Structure, FTP & MySQL

This is a must see for any WordPress developer. A good description of what each of the WordPress files is responsible for doing, in what order they get executed, etc. Just a good basic explanation of how WordPress works. Brad Parbs: WordPress File Structure, FTP & MySQL | Brad Parbs talks about the WordPress […]

Setting a WordPress site to maintenance mode

There may be times when you are updating an existing WordPress site or theme, or setting up a new one when you don’t want visitors to see errors or ugly content in flux. Maintenance Mode is a simple plugin to take care of this. It adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors […]

Monetize your WordPress site with Amazon affiliate links

If you are looking to monetize your WordPress website using Amazon Affiliate Program you are in luck. There are tons of WordPress plugins available to to this task. They vary depending on the type of site you have and how you intend to make use of the affiliate program. However, the average blogger or regular […]

Convert a WordPress post to a page (or a page to a post)

Convert a WordPress post to a page (or a page to a post) easily without having to touch the database.

Backup your WordPress database and files automatically

I found this great WordPress plugin today that not only allows you to easily backup both the WordPress database AND files but also lets you schedule automatic backups. In addition to that it provides many options for offline storage of the backups which would prove very useful should your web server go down. Offline storage […]