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Installing Ubuntu 10.10 with full disk encryption

This is the best guide I could find for setting up Ubuntu with full disk encryption. Just make sure you use the alternate CD so that you have the advanced setup options necessary to set up the encryption. Yes, it even works with the latest version, Ubuntu 11.10. The guide is very thorough, walking you […]

FaceNiff makes Facebook hacking a portable, one-tap affair (video) — Engadget

This Android app listens in on WiFi networks (even ones encrypted with WEP, WPA, or WPA2) and lets you hop on to the accounts of anyone sharing the wireless connection with you. Right now it works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Nasza-Klasa (a Polish Facebook clone), but developer Bartosz Ponurkiewicz promises more are coming. via […]

Cellphone Encryption Code Is Divulged

Cellphone Encryption Code Is Divulged; By KEVIN J. O’BRIEN; Published: December 28, 2009 Excerpt: BERLIN — A German computer engineer said Monday that he had deciphered and published the secret code used to encrypt most of the world’s digital mobile phone calls, saying it was his attempt to expose weaknesses in the security of global […]