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How can I tell if my MP3 audio files are DRM protected?

For those Windows users that have asked, this is probably the simplest method to determine if your MP3 or other audio files are DRM protected:

Windows won’t boot. Black screen with blinking cursor at the corner.

Ever run into a Windows system which won’t boot and instead just sits at a black screen with a blinking cursor forever? I have. Especially when the Windows system is a guest operating system in Microsoft Hyper-V. And frequently if that guest OS was recently converted from a VMWare Server or VMWare ESX Server vmdk […]

Installing Ubuntu 10.10 with full disk encryption

This is the best guide I could find for setting up Ubuntu with full disk encryption. Just make sure you use the alternate CD so that you have the advanced setup options necessary to set up the encryption. Yes, it even works with the latest version, Ubuntu 11.10. The guide is very thorough, walking you […]

Unable to stop services for VMWare Server 2.0

After updating packages on my Ubuntu Server I ran into problems trying to reconfigure VMWare Server. Each time I tried I received the error: “Unable to stop services for VMware Server”. I discovered that there was a hidden flag that could be used to get past this issue. So, I ran the following and was […]

Backup your WordPress database and files automatically

I found this great WordPress plugin today that not only allows you to easily backup both the WordPress database AND files but also lets you schedule automatic backups. In addition to that it provides many options for offline storage of the backups which would prove very useful should your web server go down. Offline storage […]