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How to ensure your vagrant is running with administrative privileges

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If you have used vagrant on a Windows host, you’ve undoubtedly been bit once or twice when trying to create a symlink inside your vagrant guest inside shared folder on the host, especially if your vagrant guest is linux. The reason is that under windows, creating a symlink (using mklink.exe) requires Administrative privileges. If your […]

Resize Virtual Hard Disk in VirtualBox

Ever run out of space on your Virtual Machine? Here’s how to fix that.

How to shrink Ubuntu 12.04 guest VirtualBox image

If you have done a lot of adding and removing of files on your Ubuntu 12.04 guest virtual machine, either by installing and uninstalling software or building and rebuilding source code or any other means you will eventually find that the dynamic virtual disk image size has increased and is much larger (on the host) […]

Smart card ATR parsing

Identify a ISO7816-3 smart card and it’s capabilities with this online resource which will parse the ATR.

Publish BlackBerry OTA app on your own web server with .jad and .cod files

Learn how to edit your web server MIME types to publish BlackBerry OTA app using .cod and .jad files.